February 5, 2011

Our wedding.

It's been six months. Is our wedding even relevant anymore? I think so! Totally worth posting my favorite photos and telling my favorite details. Prepare for a big dose of Christopher and Crystal. 


The ceremony was held outside at the Davis Golf Course, nestled right up against the mountain. We had just walked from across the street from a pre-wedding park BBQ where Chris and some other boys grilled up kabobs of veggies, ribs and lots of deliciousness. We wrote our own vows (the whole thing can be seen here) and it was short and sweet. Chris worked in the word "klutziness" when describing what he loves about me, which I think was very honest/awesome.

I wore a simple silk dress from J Crew and no shoes. My grandma fixed it so it wasn't as booby. I picked Chris's colorful tie and shirt. My mom made his boutonniere.

We had a very small wedding (no more than 50 people) and spent the night drinking, chatting and frequenting the photo booth. No bridesmaids or groomsman. Well, I guess you could consider everyone there as part of the "wedding party."

Chris's cousin played Death cab for Cutie's I Will Follow You Into The Dark as we walked down the aisle. For up the aisle, he played Here Comes the Sun. The music was perfection. What an awesome gift.

The aisle garland was handmade by my mom. Fabric poms tied to twine and attached to chairs. The arch was something the golf course let us borrow, so we burlapdefied that, as well as added more fabric poms.

My best friend made tutus for all the little girls. One sweet girl was missing from the photos, but thank goodness we got to see her for a minute on our special day.

The golf course provided us with all the alcohol and food we could want. The cheesecake was beyond delectable. My favorite yummy of the night? The orange sherbet champagne punch. DIVINE. We shall recreate that as soon as it warms back up outside.

The invitations were made by us. Chris drew the willow branches and we colored them in Photoshop. Signs, vases, wishing tree, wildflower seed favors, centerpieces --all made by us. Details here.

My mom crafted that gorgeous bouquet the morning of the wedding. We went the night before and grabbed wildflowers from local markets around town. Since wildflower colors were the color scheme, it was fun to just pick our favorite and tie them into the bouquet. I love, love, LOVE those flowers. They are now dried on display in my hutch.

My favorite detail of the wedding may be the wishing tree. Each remark on the tree was so sweet. I was surprised at the amount of people who hope that we will procreate. We had no idea people were so enthusiastic about it. The best note on the tree, though, was from Grandpa B, who is no longer with us. "If wishes were fishes I would wish you a whale." Thank god he was with us on that special day.

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Christy said...

Beautimus! You look very dazzling and the weather looks like it cooperated.

And I canNOT believe it's been six months. WTfreak.