April 21, 2011

The porch potty.

Sam's Porch Potty finally came! This is what we've decided to try after the mess of potty pads and disaster of astro turf. Basically, it's a heavy-duty box that comes with a draining system, scented fire hydrant and a piece of sod. Yes, that's real grass.

Dogs prefer to go on grass versus turf or cement. Since we live in a townhouse, this is our best chance. Sam, Hemingway and I spent hoooours outside waiting for a peepee miracle.

There were some photo ops.

As you can see in the video, his first impression was curiosity. Excitement. Maybe confusion. When he decided to play with/knock over the hydrant, I knew it wasn't time...

Later on, we tried again. He did the opposite of pee. He nested. Then lied down for a nap. *SIGH*

He chose to do his business on the fence instead of his new fancy grass pad. The next morning, though, while getting ready for work, the miracle happened. With a look of complete shame in his big, brown eyes, he lifted a leg and wizzed on the hydrant there upon the grassy haven. I gave him major praise. We're totally on the right track. GOOD BOY, SAMUEL L.

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Christee and Austin said...

Yay! Good Boy Sam! I love reading your blog. I love the way you write! I hope this fancy grass does the trick!