April 29, 2011

Wigging out: a bachelorette bash.

Our good friends John and Breanne are getting married! In honor of this huge event, Breanne's sweet sisters-in-law gave her something to wig out about (nope, the puns never get old). This colorful party was unforgettable. Highlights? Oh there are lots, including the infamous penis veil that you may remember from my bash, genetilia shaped food, WIGS (mandatory), lots of derby gals, yummy champagne punch, kareoke, neon pink Harry Slaughter drinks, dirty games, dirty bars and a dirty strip club.  Photos? Yep, we got a few.
 The bride

She asked for dirty cop attire. I found these handcuff pasties and a hat. PERFECT.


Nate! We love Nate!

A sweet dive bar embrace from the bride to be.

Chris and Sam came and got me at 3 AM. Sweet boys. What a fun night. 


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Rebecca said...

The blue hair is a FANTASTIC look for you! Looks like you had a blast. How fun!