August 29, 2011

Our family photos: by Ciara Richardson.

There are so many reasons why I love Ciara. Not just her photography (which is obviously amazing) but her persona. She does regular giveaways and offers her followers all kinds of incentives. She shares photography tips, camera info, posing advice, etc. She's always willing to help anyone who wants to learn photography or those who take an interest in what she does. Some photographers get secretive about their locations or their styles. Ciara is the opposite. She's soft spoken and just really sweet. I'd only met her once before at another photographer's workshop, but you'd think we were long lost friends. She's easy to talk to. Use her! Family photos, weddings, whatever. She will impress. 

Now, onto the photos! She took our family pictures a couple months ago. I'll be printing and hanging several asap. I liked working with her because she let us be us. A lot of the time she just asked us to interact. It was like a typical Tuesday night, except there was a gal there, with a camera, in the middle of a field. She had artistic visions, but didn't get caught up in them. She let us be involved. Instead of waiting for us to pull a serious face (not our style) she snapped shots of us laughing and being more candid. Instead of posing us, she told us to be comfortable. She was fantastic with Sammy, who at some points was a bit rambunctious.

Here are some of my favorites. See more from our session here!
Before the shoot, Ciara asked us to write love letters to one another, but to keep them secret till the shoot. At the very end, she had us open them up and silently read the other's note. We were laughing because both of our notes mentioned something about being a good parent to Sam.

Last but not least, perhaps my favorite in the bunch.


{amy k.} said...

love the quilt and how natural you two (or three) are. i love the you said ciara just told you to do your thing and that she is willing to share so much. i've seen her name out there but now i'm going to check her out some more!

Rebecca said...

You look gorgeous! Such beautiful shots, they really stand out from a lot of the other photographers out there right now. She definitely knows her stuff. Just beautiful!

Shaylynn;) said...

Okay, the one where he is carrying you made me cry when I saw it this morning.. Not gonna lie.

I am currently suffering from post traumatic breakup disorder:)

P.S. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong.

You guys are a sweet couple.

The Former 786 said...

What a cute family and what cute photos!