August 18, 2011

A wedding in the city.

Amanda and Nate are getting married! City style. Oh it's going to be spectacular with all the NYC decor, food, etc. It's going to take place on top of SLC. Can't wait to see the killer view. Plus I get to wear a shiny blue satin dress and participate in weddingy, bridesmaid,  fun-filled events and planning. I love weddings. Can you tell? I'm hyped.

This is the cute couple just after he showed up OUT OF NO WHERE and surprised her with a proposal atop the Empire State Building.

I wanted to share their proposal video because it's just downright adorable. Nate hired a photog to snap shots while it all went down in NYC. Click here!  (It's a really sweet video. I cried.)


{amy k.} said...

i saw the video and teared up too- so sweet! and amanda looks so happy. i don't really know her that well, but it doesn't take much to know they are in love!

Shay said...

Beautiful. I got a little emotional myself. Congratulations to them! They look like such a cute and happy couple.

Shaylynn;) said...

Oh weddings, I get anxiety just thinking about having to plan one in my lifetime.

There's will be so cute.