September 25, 2011

My business trip in snapshots (Chicago edition)

The week after Connecticut, I went to Chicago for a conference. I had never been there, either. Bustling city with lots going on! Here are some shots from the trip.

Finally got one of those neck pillows for the plane. I napped in the air for the first time ever. I felt a little dorky. The pillow is fluorescent orange.
 View from my 7th floor hotel room.

 Cute pillows in the hotel on my king bed. This room was fancy shmancy. But I did miss my own bed. 

 Look at me. This city could eat me alive. Thank god I wasn't traveling alone.

 Best part of the conference? Treats. 

 Chicago river.

 Picked up a menu from Michael Jordan's steakhouse for my nephew. 

 Cocktail of choice on this trip: Strawberry blonde.

Now, hopefully, my feet are planted firmly in Utah for a while.

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The Former 786 said...

You big city girl, you! Looks like a good time!