September 23, 2011

Why she inspires me: body image.

This gal is fantastic. Sarah is a fashion blogger, DIYer, sewer, and Utah (I think?) resident. I've followed her blog for a while now and really, she's amazing. She's got quite the following now too, with good reason. She inspires. But this post was uber inspiring.

As a pretty regular blog reader and self-proclaimed professional internet surfer, I've noticed a sad theme, especially amongst Utah women who gain a following for their talents, professions, etc. whatever it may be. The theme is I'm skinny, love me, my life is effortlessly glamorous, send me compliments, watch as I act humbled by gathering your praise and sucking in your envy.

It's an obvious attempt at a self-esteem boost from the insecure. Sad for both the authors of the blogs and some of the girls reading them because it's all a lie that is often believed by both.

Sarah's post, however, was so honest and inspiring. She looks body image straight in the face and tells the truth and faces the topic even though she is uncomfortable with it. She's healthy and attractive and uses her power to be heard for the greater good. What a gal.

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The Former 786 said...

The internet allows us to wear whatever face we want all year round. While I'm not a fan of the embittered, negative blogs, I also am annoyed by the overly positive and "fake" ones, as well. Kudos to Sarah for taking on a difficult topic with maturity and poise!