September 18, 2011

My business trip in snapshots.

Last week I left to Connecticut for a few days. I flew in to JFK, but alas, didn't get to see much. I had meetings scheduled the entire time. I've never been to the east coast so it was a bit of a bummer. I'll go back with Chris someday.

There were definitely some highlights of the trip, though. Traveling for business was pretty stress free, much to my surprise. Plus I met a lot of cool coworkers. Here are some snapshots from my days there.

 NYC from a distance

 I loved all the trees. The humidity didn't bother me either.  Future home? I don't know. Maybe.

It was all planned for me. Meals, flight, car rental. I even had a weather report. That was nice.

 Everywhere I went there were name tags and place settings for me. I felt fancy.

A fountain in the Wilton office. Sun has incredible facilities back east. 

A kiss picture sent to Chris the morning after I left. Fun fact: this trip was the longest Chris and I have been apart. Three days. I know, I know: totally pathetic. It was hard. I missed my boys. Thank goodness for video chat on my phone. 

The local restaurant where we had dinner and cocktail hour with a bunch of executives and colleagues. It was yummy. My mojito was deliciously strong. I had two. 
On our way out of town, we got to JFK a little early. Cocktails and dinner? Yes, why not?

Overall, it was totally pleasant. It was nice to be away from the office. Next week, off to Chicago! 


Shaylynn;) said...

Oh my dear, humidity didn't bother you because you didn't get it for days and days and days.

My hair hated me for two years.

I want to come to Chicago with you.

I also want to go to Taylor Swift with you next weekish.. OH I AM!!!!!

The Former 786 said...

I love that this new job allows you to travel! Here's to many more adventures!