October 16, 2011

Park City ghost tour.

Friday we went on a haunted Park City ghost tour with our friends.  LOVED IT. We learned a ton about Park City's history, dating back to when it was a bustling mining town. We got to hear about several of the city's hauntings including Lizzy, the apparition (from the waist up) that lives in the old, vacant Imperial Hotel. She enjoys men with beards (by enjoys I mean haunts/hits on when they're in the area). She was killed in a fit of passion when her husband walked in on her and another man in bed. He shot them both, striking her in the abdomen (explaining her half-body appearance).

Many of the spirits lingering in Park City are entities that were killed violently. The charming fellow giving the tour (who was outfitted in a top hat and cape) works closely with the town museum and library to gather information on various first and second-hand accounts.

The story of the man in the yellow slicker was particularly disturbing, given that a police man of well social standing was just recently chased by the ghost in the last couple years. Now he refuses to enter the canyon where it happened without a partner.

I was a bit disappointed to see that my digital pictures didn't catch any orbs. I usually have orbs in all my photos so it was strange that nothing showed up this time.  I recommend the tour to anyone. It's all outdoors and lots of walking. Chris was a bit bored, but if anything, it's nice to learn the history of Park City while strolling charming main street.

Here are a few snap shots from the night.

Eleven people have died in this building. No wonder they can't sell it. 

Austin was terrified, which is why he had to snuggle up to Christee like that. 

 Scariest part of the night? Spooky Chris and Austin ghosts appeared in the window at the top of the stairwell.


The Former 786 said...

That sounds awesome! How long did the tour take? How much did it cost? And is it walking the whole time?

Also, I would like to know more about the man in the yellow slicker and how the 11 people died in that house.

Crystal said...

Joel, it was about 1.5 hours. Not sure (we left a tad early because it was cold and I had nothing but a thin jacket). We found our tickets for $20 on GoDealGo. It is walking the whole time (good exercise!).

As for the man in the yellow slicker, they associate him with death. A few people long ago would see him, then die via freak accidents the next day! The cop that recently saw him, though, is still with us. So they are not sure if he is warning of an accident or causes the accidents...either way, he wears a yellow jacket and is an apparition.

The 11 people that have died in that house were all various accidents and/or murders. Just strange that they keep happening in that same house. And now it's for sale. Crreeeeep fest.

The Former 786 said...