November 29, 2013

Stop it.

Things I would like people to stop saying to Chris after finding out we're having a girl:

-are you disappointed it's not a boy?
-things just got a whole lot more expensive for you, eh?

I'm speaking on his behalf here (because he's a lot more easygoing and isn't half as perturbed at these comments as I am). WHY WOULD HE BE SAD IT'S A GIRL? Girls are awesome. We rock. Rest assured, we are both thrilled to be having a girl. If you're disappointed at the anatomy of a child you conceived, then you are an ass. 

"But don't you want someone you can take fishing and teach to work on cars with you?"

Uh, females can do both of those things. And our little girl WILL do both of those things with Chris (assuming she wants to). Why is that so hard to believe?

And the myth that because one is born with a vagina that makes one a lot more expensive than someone with a penis has got to go. This is the 21st century. Get real. We're not setting aside extra money for diamond-encrusted tiaras and designer duds because the little one growing in me is a female. She will receive the exact same treatment, toys, privileges, books, experiences and opportunities that she would if she were born a boy. 

To me, kids are kids and deserve to be treated equally no matter what their sex. We don't fall into those gender stereotypes, because, uh, they suck.  

Warning: this is likely not the last gender role-related rant you'll see from me. It's something I feel strongly about. Little girls need to know that their worth is not defined by how they look, or how desirable they are, or how high/low maintenance they are.

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Anonymous said...

Girls Rock!