January 24, 2010

my weekend

consisted of a lot of Wendover,

a lot of tequila,

and a lot of wtf.

After a day of recovering, I squeezed in some craft time.

I made this vase from a recycled Pucker bottle

(yes, the remaining Pucker did go down the drain because...ew.)

Speaking of recycling, remember the spiky fabric flowers we made here?
I almost threw away the little leftover triangle scraps from cutting the circles.

Then, I remembered the cute mini flags from How About Orange on this post. I said to myself self, you should try making something similar with your extra fabric triangles and twine. Here's the result:

After a couple hot glue burns and some trimming, I created this cute bottle vase:

Any ideas of how else I could use this mini flag garland? Send em my way, please.


{amy k.} said...

love the burlap and lace vase- awesome! the flags are super cute too... I'll try to think of some ideas. how small are they?

The Former 786 said...

That tequila picture is HILARIOUS!

Crystal Ross said...

Amy: they are super tiny, like 1/2 inch. My mom doesn't love the flag garland so I may not use it...or i may find some other use. I hate to throw away scraps.

Joel: that was the FIRST shot of the night. It was as brutal as it looks!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

You are a crafting maniac! I love all your creations and that you have so much fun experimenting with tons of different things. I can't wait to see what all of these look like put together and displayed at your wedding. It will be that much more special knowing that they were all handmade.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell Crystal that the bottle with the flags looks.....well stupid....Love Mom OXOOXOOXOXOX

Blush said...

this post made me laugh. I like the wtf face lol