July 3, 2010

Reasons for the small wedding.

Ah the obligatory guilt that comes along with picking a small group to invite to a wedding.

Of course it's not anything personal against any one of the fabulous people I know. We're having a small wedding because it's "us." Anyone who truly knows us will understand that (seemingly) copout explanation. A wedding (to me) is the celebration of a promise to a lifelong commitment between two people. Chris. Crystal.
I put a lot of time into making it sweet, intimate and personal so that it's an evening filled with nothing but calm, cool collected happiness. Chris and I are pretty private about our relationship and that's why you'll rarely see me posting stories about things we say to each other, things we do for each other, how he proposed, etc.  It's not necessary for me to document every detail of our lives, just like I feel it's unnecessary for us to invite every person we've brushed elbows with and ask for gifts that we really don't need. It's not what it's about.

We're not fancy and we won't pretend to be. I won't wear fake hair or fake eyelashes at our wedding. He won't wear a tux. We just want to say our vows in front of a few people who have impacted us and helped make us who we are. (Not ALL, just a few.)

I'm comfortable with our small guest list and I pray that others can respect our decision to make this day just for us.

Whew wee, this came off sounding a lot edgier than I'd hoped. I hope it clears some things up, though. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a brand new puppy to get back to. (His name is Sam.)


Fannadix said...

i totally agree. when i get married sometime in (2012 or sooner. haha) i want everything to be small. some people aren't necessary to have there.

Lisa said...

I completely agree. I was going to write something about your writing however I am totally distracted by your adorable puppy! so cute

Christy said...

Are people offended? I'm sorry. Plus weddings are freaking expensive too. I wish my mom would shrink her list down for the sake of the pocket book.

Since I'll be in Powell when you wed, I shall wish you congrats NOW. I hope to see you at my reception where I'll be wearing fake hair, eyelashes and 6" heels. lol

10 days :)