February 21, 2011

Lavatory must-gos: addendum #2

It's been a while since we talked about bathroom faux pas. I still work in a warehouse and I still see/hear/experience things in there. Scary things. So why not share? In case you need to be caught up, visit the first and second posts on this topic.

18. Water fights. This happened to me a while back. I was merrily entering the stall when I noticed some giggling coming from the stall next to me. No, not giggling. More like full-on, tummy-grabbing, LOUD, laughter. Like how you laughed as a kid when your brother farted. What is up with this laughing girl I thought. Then, right as I'm closing the stall door, it busts open and in comes a woman with a cup full of water. She is laughing and screaming. She throws the water over the stall into the one with the loud laugh girl, soaking her (I presume). Loud laugh stall girl finishes her duty in the stall, then peels out, chasing after cup-full-of-water girl. Yes...skipping any sort of hand wash. Ew.

19. Smoking. I cannot figure this one out. Do smokers just skip the outside part and go in the bathroom because it's warmer in there during winter months? For cryin' out loud, get a bit of fresh air to go with your nicotine. A lot of times I will enter the bathroom and smell a strong cigarette smoke stench. Sometimes the butts are even still in the toilet. Totally bizarre, right?

20. No hooks on the backs of the stall door. C'mon managers, store owners and CEOs. I need somewhere to set my coat and/or purse.

21. Bathroom signs with glaring errors and typos on it. I don't have to explain why this bugs me.

22. Girls that feel like they need to go in pairs or packs to the bathroom.

23. Skipping the flush. This is sort of an important key to the bathroom process. When you don't flush, it's like doing it on the floor or somewhere else where all can see/smell.

24. Warning: GIRL TIME. When a bathroom doesn't have a mini garbage can inside the stall. For obvious reasons, we need that there.

25. Not enough toilet paper in stock. What if the person in the next stall doesn't have a square to spare?

Am I missing any? Oh, I'm sure there's more to add. The list is never ending.


The Former 786 said...

I'm gonna miss these posts. At least, I hope I'm going to miss these posts. :)

Crystal said...

Joel, these posts are not gone. Just because I won't be working in a warehouse does not mean I won't still complain about bathroom yuckies.