March 13, 2011

Save the dolpins: an important cause.

I'm a documentary watcher. I enjoy listening to what others have to say, seeing what people are passionate about and choosing a side for myself. Many documentaries have counterparts--other films or books that challenge their data or opinions. Is natural birth a better option than a drug birth? Is fast food really that bad?  These topics seem so trivial compared to what I saw today.

I watched The Cove. It shed light on the senseless killing and capturing of dolphins in a hidden cove in Japan.  Over 20,000 dolphins are captured here a year--the pretty ones chosen for spectacles (Sea World-type shows for our entertainment), and the less desirable ones brutally killed with sharp poles (their meat unknowingly sold and served despite high levels of mercury).   

With this subject, there is absolutely no opposing view. No one arguing "another side." No one with a relevant political or ethical standpoint that's spoken up. It's just cold, inhumane slaughtering of these smiling sweethearts. Most people in Japan don't even know it's happening. It's a pretty nasty secret in a small town that supposedly loves dolphins.

The reason I'm posting about it is to get you to watch it. If you don't have time to watch The Cove at least visit the website and learn about what's happening. There are petitions to be signed, letters to be written and action that can be taken.

Chris came in the room while I was watching the movie, tears pouring down my face as I clutched my puppy. "Why are you watching this? Why do you do this to yourself." I told him it's because I don't want to be ignorant. Pretending these things don't happen may make my day continue on, uninterrupted and seemingly stress free--but what does it do for those who suffer?

Update: Taiji, though not near the epicenter of the recent disastrous quake, was pretty tattered. Many people were killed. The Save the Dolphins volunteers that were staying in Taiji made it to safety. Thank god. Alas, all 24 dolphins being kept in sea pens were killed--thrown against the rocky coastline. Read more about that here.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I have seen a news bit on this. Isn't Hayden Panetteire a huge advocate? I was disgusted when I heard about this. So horrible. And don't feel bad- I definitely would have cried too, and Rico probably would have said the same thing ;)

Crystal said...

Yes, I think Hayden is. Although I don't know a whole bunch about that sort of thing. At least there are things that can be done about this awful thing--petitions, donations, traveling, etc. ..