April 9, 2011

2011 Strut Your Mutt

Over 30,000 young, healthy animals are euthanized in Utah every year. Five million nationally. The Strut your Mutt walk helps raise money to support no-kill shelters so that this number will eventually be lowered. We have too many unwanted pets here--namely because of the lack of spay and neutering. Adoption rescue should be the first choice for those considering a pet in their household. The mutts need homes, too! Just because a pet may not be coming from a pure breed or a champion bloodline doesn't mean they won't serve their purpose as loving companions.

Please donate or participate in the walk by clicking here.  (When you click there you will be awarded with a photo of Sam. My all time favorite photo of Sam.) You don't even have to have a mutt to strut. Just show support by walking or giving a few dollars.

Our donation page was created in support of TAO Rescue--Tooele Animal Outreach. I was touched by Daye Abbot's story of their foster dog, Bebecca. She was found bloody and abused by the side of the road (probably drug behind a car).

No matter which charity you choose to donate directly to, they all support the same goal: to reduce the amount of homeless pets in the U.S. Thank you in advance for your selfless generosity.

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