May 27, 2011

For earth.

We've been out and about lately. Thanks to my place of employment, we've been given several opportunities to be involved in community activities that benefit the environment. I thought instead of writing another heated rant about how people don't care enough, I could just share what we did.

In honor of earth day, we cleaned the highway that Sun Products adopted (it's a chunk of Bangerter). I've done this a few times and despite what people think, it's actually quite a riot. We play games like who can find the grossest item and who can make up the best story about a littered item.

Chris's stance and face in this photo scream I'm here for court-mandated community service. He volunteered though. I swear. 

We tied for grossest item: I found a condom and he found an unwrapped tampon. But don't worry -- we have nifty pinchers to pick up the trash so we don't come in direct contact (see contraption about).

I won't share the nasty, imaginative stories we came up with.

On to the next event. Tree planting at Wheeler Farm. I've planted small trees before, but these large ones were a challenge. Chris and I were both a bit sore. Tree Utah worked with Sun to organize this event and I was happy to see the big turnout. It's reassuring to know that some people care. Or maybe they were just there to get outta work? Either way, planting trees is a nice thing to do. So do it. Please. (See how non-ranty and nice I'm being about it?)

This isn't everyone. More people came. I think 70 total. Parents brought kids which I think is an amazing thing to do. It was cool to hear the little ones talk about how "happy the trees look" and to see them working as a team. What smart, smart parents. Bravo.

The people who work for and volunteer for Tree Utah were so thoughtful and grateful. They gave out cookies, homemade brownies, bottled water, sunscreen chapstick and these adorable pens shaped like veggies.

I loved them so much, I volunteered to do some writing and editing for them. I'm excited to arrange it.

Work passed out these adorable handmade wildflower cards. I love them. We almost used the same kind of paper of our wedding invites.

So to sum up, I just want to ask the few peeps reading to stop and consider the world in which we live. It's dirty and suffering, but we can make it better. Little bits at a time.


Lisa said...

thats so awesome! I am very inspired by this to go out + help

Crystal said...

that makes me happy

Kristin said...

What great inspiration y'all are to get involved!

Shaylynn said...

You are a good human being.. I already know this.

However don't rub off on me too much, I like to stick with being a bad one:)

Crystal said...

Shay, you JUST blogged about wanting to be a better person. Therefore I do not believe your statement on "wanting to stay a bad one."

Let's get together soon!

Kelly said...

I hear you! I feel like I rant a lot about environmental conservation and preservation, but sometimes it's more inspiring to be an example - especially on blogs! Looks like you all had a great time!

The Hunts said...

You are just SUCH a good person. I need to make time in my life for these things. They make you feel all sorts of good inside and like a REAL contribution to this world other than just procreating. Thanks for the reminder!