May 19, 2011

Two more days.

Strut Your Mutt is in two days. Actually 1.5. I'm getting desperate for any donations or participation. We're not close to our goal and that makes me a bit sad for the homeless pups and kitties in need. That's why I'm going to bribe you. If you donate $10 or more to our dog pack, or actually register as part of our pack to come strut, I will send you something sweet (by sweet I mean charming. not sugary.) in the mail. Not email. Mail mail. (You will love it. Really.)

That means Ciara Richardson, Tori Evans, my mom and Kim Yeates are already getting a gift for their generosity. So, this is kind of like an impromptu giveaway, except you have to spend a little money toward a good cause. Fair enough, right? Email me with your address if you decide to help me out: crystalross306 {at} msn {dot} com. Thank you!

To add intrigue about the mystery gift: we have created some pretty sweet knickknacks here at the Ross residence. 

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