October 31, 2013

I like pregnancy.

You can tell based on the amount of photos I take of myself.

In all seriousness, though, the thought of having a little person who's half Chris and half me is starting to become very exciting. Duh, it was already exciting, which is why we chose to embark upon this weird and scary and fun journey, but the closer it gets to her arrival, the more real it becomes.

I've chosen the best person in the world to procreate with. Honest. And that alone makes me giddy to get to know this girl who spends her days wedging feet in my ribs.

I complain a lot about pregnancy. I'm uncomfortable. My bladder is weaker (it was already tiny and feeble). I'm a cry baby. It hurts. My ass got large. But really, I only bitch so much because I have an amazing support system and they're always encouraging me to bitch. They say I deserve it. Which I sort of do, I guess.

But the truth is, I am loving this. Way more than I ever imagined I would. My body is an amazing instrument of which I have endless amounts of respect. My baby is already cool (she loves to listen to The Beatles and she's a great kick boxer). My dogs are being less naughty. My husband is helpful, kind and patient. My friends and family are accommodating and spoiling me like there's no tomorrow. It's all just great, and I am happy.

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So Awesome!